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                                                  London Menswear
                                                  Spring 2019

                                                  Friday June 8, 2018
                                                  6:00 pm ICEBERG bfc show space

                                                  Saturday June 9, 2018
                                                  9:00 am DANIEL W FLETCHER bfc show space
                                                  10:00 am JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN bfc show space
                                                  10:30 am E TAUTZ see invite
                                                  11:00 am ST JAMES see invite
                                                  11:30 am LOU DALTON see invite
                                                  1:00 pm EDWARD CRUTCHLEY bfc show space
                                                  2:00 pm MATTHEW MILLER see invite
                                                  2:30 pm WOOD WOOD see invite
                                                  3:00 pm OLIVER SPENCER bfc show space
                                                  4:00 pm SHARON WAUCHOB see invite
                                                  4:30 pm BETHANY WILLIAMS see invite
                                                  5:00 pm LIAM HODGES bfc show space
                                                  5:30 pm BEN SHERMAN see invite
                                                  6:00 pm QASIMI see invite

                                                  Sunday June 10, 2018
                                                  9:30 am PHOEBE ENGLISH bfc show space
                                                  10:00 am XANDER ZHOU see invite
                                                  11:00 am A-COLD-WALL see invite
                                                  12:00 pm MAN see invite
                                                  1:00 pm CHALAYAN see invite
                                                  1:30 pm KENT & CURWEN see invite
                                                  3:00 pm CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN bfc show space
                                                  3:30 pm MICHIKO KOSHINO see invite
                                                  4:00 pm ALEX MULLINS bfc show space
                                                  5:00 pm KIKO KOSTADINOV see invite
                                                  6:00 pm BERTHOLD bfc show space
                                                  7:00 pm COTTWEILER see invite
                                                  8:00 pm MARTINE ROSE see invite

                                                  Monday June 11, 2018
                                                  10:00 am PER GOTESSON bfc show space
                                                  11:00 pm PRIVATE POLICY and STAFF ONLY PRESENTED BY GQ CHINA bfc show space
                                                  11:30 am BARBOUR INTERNATIONAL see invite
                                                  11:30 am ASTRID ANDERSEN see invite
                                                  12:00 pm PRONOUNCE see invite
                                                  1:00 pm CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY bfc show space
                                                  1:30 pm NICHOLAS DALEY see invite
                                                  2:00 pm UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER MA see invite
                                                  3:00 pm BLINDNESS bfc show space
                                                  5:00 pm WHAT WE WEAR bfc show space

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